A point of price a point of goods, cheap stone metal tile difference where?

There has always been such a phenomenon, consumers in the purchase of high-end products always talk about price, and low-end products always talk about quality! In fact, it has been true since ancient times that you get what you pay for. Compared with the current market is very hot stone metal tile, today we talk about cheap stone metal tile and national standard stone metal tile in the end what is the gap.

1, easy to rust

 In line with the national standard stone tile, steel plate zinc plating content is greater than or equal to 80g, and cheap non standard products are only 3, 40g or so, there may be no difference in appearance, but a long time will rust, seriously affect the service life of stone tile.
2, easy to deformation

Steel plate thickness, in line with the national standard stone tile, steel plate thickness is greater than or equal to 0.4mm, very strong, and not the national standard stone tile steel plate may be in about 0.2mm, after a period of time, will occur deformation, affecting the appearance and safety of the roof.

16.6 shake tile
3. Easy sand removal

National standard stone metal tile glue is water-based acrylic resin glue, big manufacturers have their own production patents, environmental protection, super adhesive, can make steel plate and color sand firmly bonded together; And not the national standard stone tile is very easy to use inferior glue sand, gently rub, you can make the whole piece of color sand may fall off, exposed steel plate.

5 shake tile
Don’t choose an inferior product because it is cheap at the moment, because you will have to make up for this choice constantly. A house is a lifetime residence, and a good product will give you the answer in time. Of course, the most important thing is to choose according to your actual needs.

Post time: Feb-20-2023