Glass fiber tire asphalt tile practical and decorative advantages!

With the continuous development of science and technology, a series of new materials have emerged in the field of building materials, among which glass fiber tire asphalt tile is a kind of material which attracts much attention. So, glass fiber tire asphalt tile has what practical and decorative advantages?



Practical advantage

1. Strong durability. Glass fiber asphalt shingle by the body, asphalt and surface color sand layer, the middle of the glass fiber tire makes it in compressive, tensile, bending and impact resistance has a high performance, in addition, its surface treatment layer for UV and oxidation also has a strong resistance.

2. Good fire resistance. Glass fiber asphalt tile has good fire performance, can effectively prevent the occurrence of fire, improve the safety of the house.

3. Strong waterproof performance. Asphalt tile waterproof self-adhesive design, can ensure the complete sealing of the roof, effectively prevent water leakage.

4. Low maintenance cost. Glass fiber tire asphalt tile surface using a specific process, not easy to absorb dust or debris, do not need regular cleaning or maintenance. At the same time, its long life features greatly reduce maintenance costs.

3-Tab Shingles
Decorative advantage

1. Beautiful appearance. Glass fiber tire asphalt tile adopts modern technology, can present a variety of colors and styles, can be matched with any architectural style, increase the architectural beauty.

2. Beautiful texture. Glass fiber tire asphalt tile surface treatment process can show antique, wood grain, stone and other materials, can effectively meet the needs of customers.

3. Good environmental protection. Glass fiber tire asphalt tile using advanced production technology and materials, not only long service life, and its production process will not produce harmful substances, with good environmental friendliness.

To sum up, glass fiber asphalt tile has strong practicability and decorative advantages, which is a very promising building material. Therefore, more and more consumers begin to choose glass fiber tire asphalt tile as roofing material, in order to improve the safety and beauty of the house.


Post time: Apr-18-2023