How long is the service life of colored stone tile generally?

As we all know, stone tile is a kind of high-end roofing tile, compared with resin tile, asphalt tile, life is long, but because manufacturers are mixed, so different prices of stone tile life is different. Generally speaking, the regular Dachang stone tile can be used for 30-50 years.

Colored stone tile, also known as colored stone metal tile, was invented during the Second World War and is popular abroad for a long time. At present, it belongs to a new type of roofing material in China. It takes excellent anti-corrosion performance of aluminum plating zinc/zinc aluminum magnesium steel plate as the base plate, water-based acrylic resin gel as the adhesive, and sintered sand as the surface layer of the tile, the three substrates constitute colored stone tile.

High quality raw materials to ensure the service life of stone tile, but poor quality stone tile to save costs, although the price is low, manufacturers at jerry-building, the general people will not identify, installation is no different, it is difficult to identify. Such stone tile quality is not guaranteed, directly affect its service life.

Color stone tile metal tile can be applied to a variety of complex shapes of the roof, such as curved surface, sphere, arc and so on. The overall structure is good, the deformation ability is strong, the weight is light, the load of the building structure is reduced, the installation is simple and fast, and the transportation and construction of materials are convenient.

If you can’t decide, then colored stone tile is a good choice.


Post time: Mar-02-2023