The ideal roofing tile in the hearts of the people “colored stone metal tile”

Now more and more young people like to build a house in their hometown, not only the place is big, and the cost of building a small villa in the countryside is not too high, and then find some excellent designers design drawings, the house is not worse than the villa in the city, so it has become more and more young people’s choice and pursuit, home building.

So in the home to build a house, as a young person, the idea is relatively avant-garde, in addition to the appearance of good, in the choice of materials is also more exquisite, not only durable, but also environmental protection, so as not to harm the body.

There are many kinds of roofing tile in the market at present, the more common are resin tile, terracotta tile, glazed tile, clay tile and so on, but this is some traditional roofing tile, used in the past some years is more, but with the development of the economy, tiles are constantly upgrading and upgrading, such as the more popular stone tile.

Color stone tile is a new type of environmental protection roofing tile, does not contain formaldehyde, real green materials. In addition to environmental protection, its appearance is gorgeous atmosphere, in color and tile type selectivity is relatively wide, unlike the traditional tile is relatively single.

At the same time, the durability of the stone tile is also relatively strong, it is covered with a layer of color sand is after high temperature barbecue, so that when the fire, it can also be effectively prevented, at the same time, the sound insulation effect and anti-corrosion effect is good, because it is metal material, will not occur broken situation. In the construction is relatively simple and convenient, and after the installation is basically no need to maintain, the comprehensive cost is low.

Now in many places in the countryside, we can see the construction of the house with metal tile, do not believe you go to the countryside to see it, it has become a popular roofing building material in the hearts of the people!


Post time: Feb-24-2023