What is slope improvement project? Asphalt shingles, resin tile, have what advantages?

Due to the limited economic conditions, construction technology and building materials in the early stage, the top floor of the flat roof was cold in winter and hot in summer. After a long time, the roof was easily damaged and leaked. In order to solve this problem, the flat slope improvement project came into being.

“Flat slope modification” refers to the housing renovation behavior that converts flat roof of multi-storey residential buildings into sloping roof and refurbishes and whitewash the external facade to improve residential performance and visual effect of building appearance under the condition of building structure permission. The flat slope not only solves the problem of house leakage, but also changes the flat roof into a beautiful small attic, which greatly improves people’s living environment and is respected by the people.
When carrying out slope transformation, we should not blindly pay attention to the following matters

 1. New products, materials, technologies and processes of energy conservation and environmental protection are encouraged in the slope improvement project; Second, the flat slope roof should consider the structural safety, and coordinate with the surrounding environment and architectural style.
Resin tiles can also be used for the renovation of old housing roofing materials. It has the advantages of light weight, bright color and easy installation, and is an ideal material for slope modification. However, it has low manufacturing threshold, easy to fade aging, poor weather resistance, easy to crack, high maintenance cost, renovation, secondary use is difficult.
Asphalt shingles, also known as glass fiber tile, linoleum tile, is currently used more flat slope engineering tiles. Asphalt shingles have a wide range of application, not only for slope engineering, but also for other wood roofing.Suitable for concrete, steel structure and wood structure roofing, compared with other roofing tiles, there is no high requirement for the roof base, and the roof slope is greater than 15 degrees,The cost is much lower, the installation speed is fast, and the service life is generally as long as 30 years, so in the slope improvement project, the asphalt shingles is a good choice.

Post time: Apr-28-2022