Why can stone coated roof tile become villa dedicated tile, you will know after reading!

Our general cognition of the villa is in addition to the most basic living function, the more important is to reflect the “quality of life” and enjoy the characteristics of senior residential, then on the villa roof with what kind of roof tile to achieve the icing on the cake effect?

Among them, stone tile is currently the most widely used villa, the most suitable tile, the use of aluminum plated zinc steel plate, the use of acrylic resin glue glued high temperature sintered color sand composition, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, long service life, color diversity, rich modeling. The unique process design can reduce the noise generated by the roof, and not afraid of wind and sun, is one of the most suitable tiles for villa construction at present.

Different from traditional tiles, colored stone tiles are an imported product, which was invented in Europe during World War II and has been widely used. It entered China around 2000, has been more than 20 years, with excellent quality, in recent years in the roofing market to stand out.

Colored stone tile in the roof after the completion of pavement, the late do not need to complement the color or fall off to repair, style outdated problems caused by problems, which also fit the high-quality characteristics of the villa.

Color stone tile also has a feature that can be bent, in the special roof modeling can be cut according to the field effect, so that it is more in line with, more fit to the roof, perfect for any modeling. This is other roof tile incomparable.

High-quality, high-grade is synonymous with stone tile, but now the roof tile market is mixed, in the selection of manufacturers to choose a reputation of the regular factory, so as to ensure the effect of roof construction and the villa complement each other.


Post time: Feb-14-2023